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Want to Engage and Motivate Your Employees in 2013?


Start Planning Your Communications Now.

This is going to be a year of change and challenges—in other words, 2013 will be just like every other year, only more so!

Now is the time to take a bird’s eye view of your HR communication challenges and goals for the year, then to make a plan that will address to.

Start with a review of your HR communication efforts and outcomes in 2012. Learn what you can from what worked well and not so well, then move on to 2013 planning.

Create a timeline of key communication events and activities. Focus first on the core communications that you can anticipate from year-to-year. Then add in communications around upcoming changes or one-off projects. With this high-level overview, you can plan for resource needs, identify “hot spots” when several topics need to be communicated at the same time and begin to determine key messages that need to be aligned across the communications.

After that, you can start your detailed planning.

We can help! Partner with Custom Communications to craft a comprehensive, winning communication strategy. We can help you avoid pitfalls, anticipate timing and costs, and create a content platform to incorporate the right messages in all of your upcoming communications.

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