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Send Your Employees “Well” Wishes for the Holidays


December is a rotten time to try to communicate just about any message to employees. Everyone is trying to wrap things up (pun intended) before year end, attend holiday festivities, plan family meals, make travel arrangements, you name it. In other words, people are maxed out and unavailable to take in messages longer than a few words or sentences.

But from a wellness perspective, the holidays present a myriad of health challenges. So how can you gain employees’ attention long enough to help them enjoy the holidays more safely and healthfully?

It can be done, if you approach your communication simply, using short messages delivered in creative ways. Consider wrapping your wellness message into a holiday postcard, a series of tweets or online posts. You can involve employees in the process by providing a venue to share their ideas for a healthy holiday season via social media channels. Here are a few ideas for content:

• Tips to manage holiday stress
• Healthy holiday recipes
• Realistic ideas to avoid over eating
• Reminder not to drink and drive

You can go to your health carrier’s website for ideas. Repurpose their communications to fit your holiday message, keeping it short and simple. Less is more!

Be sure your message is personal and about making your employees’ holidays safe and enjoyable.

Happy Holidays!

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