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New Tools to Retain and Motivate Talent


Check out the modern day communication toolkit. You’ll find new social media apps that make it easier, quicker and less costly to recognize your star performers, exceptional project teams and employees who consistently exceed customer expectations.

Recognizing employees’ accomplishments supports a positive company culture and makes people feel good about what they do and where they work. Recognition programs have long been used as a retention strategy and motivational tool. New apps [such as GiveAWOW, iAppreciate, Sparcet and Achievers] based on familiar social sharing networks take recognition programs to a new level. Recognition apps offer several advantages:

  • Real-time—These apps make it easier to recognize employees any time and as frequently as you want.
  • Cost-effective—They are also fairly inexpensive, making them accessible to employers of all sizes.
  • Fun—Employees quickly get comfortable with these apps and have fun using them to praise their co-workers.
  • Dashboards—Most of the apps offer a dashboard that managers can use to track recognition and reward activity, budgets and spending.
  • Broader reach—Recognition can be shared internally and, in some cases, externally through these apps.

A recent EmployeeBenefit News article highlighted features of various recognition apps. Here are a few…

Virtual bulletin board—Employees can use an electronic bulletin board to acknowledge co-workers’ good work. This recognition can be share via social media.

  • Organizer—Managers can set dates for recognition events and posts, send invitations and schedule reminders for birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Group recognition—These apps make it easy for a manager or employee to publicly extoll the work of groups of people.
  • Award points—Some of the apps allow employees to use an electronic personal page to track recognition points they receive and apply them toward gift cards or other merchandise.

The beauty of these recognition apps is that they can involve everyone—managers, employees, families—and make recognizing good work and good employees a lot more fun and effective. So check out these apps and expand your company’s communication toolkit.