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Bridge Your Engagement Gap – Go Mobile


Bridge-Your-Engagement-Gap-–-Go-MobileThe impact of mobile technology in every industry is profound and those of you in HR will see a significant impact to your field as well. Mobile technology is quickly being embraced by organizations to engage their workforce – after all, engaged employees drive our business. They are productive, loyal and increase the bottom line. So how do we engage employees and get their undivided attention? Well for starters, we had better be pushing something out to their smartphone because that is where they hang out and take in information. It is how they are living their everyday lives and if you want their attention, you’d better be there too.

And it isn’t just the millennials who are connected – it’s your other employees as well. 80% of all internet users own a smartphone and 79% of mobile users use their smartphone for reading email (that’s a higher percentage than those who actually use it to make calls). Mobile email opens have grown by at least 180% in the last three years and 83% of users find a seamless experience is very important across all of their devices.

Consumers are getting their information through smartphone apps; whether it’s shopping, paying for coffee, checking train schedules, hailing a taxi – you name it. Those of you responsible for internal communication need to embrace the fact that employees want to get their benefits info like they get everything else – through an app – and you have to compete with all of the other apps and emails your employees are getting through their phone.

Company intranets have been serving a great purpose and will continue to be a core communications channel for many organizations, but as companies continue to have fewer employees tied to their desk how can those folks get to an intranet that is behind a firewall? As the workforce becomes more mobile, so should our methods of communication.

Success comes down to engagement in the HR world and mobile users are generally more engaged. So if your organization has yet to bring their intranet mobile fear not – there are still ways to go mobile without getting too complicated.

Take advantage of your enrollment self-service portal. These portals typically have a mobile app that can provide employees with one-stop-shop for access to current benefits information, plan information, contact information, decision support and other tools/resources. Text campaigns, videos and mobile-friendly emails are other ways to engage your employees. Be sure to modify your content too. Shorter articles, headlines rich in information and use of lists are easier to absorb on a mobile device.

Mobile will continue to grow in the HR and benefits space and there are many ways to use mobile technology in your benefits communications. So get out in front of it – repurpose content across multiple platforms and get your long-term strategy together.