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HR Communications

Send Your Employees “Well” Wishes for the Holidays

December is a rotten time to try to communicate just about any message to employees. Everyone is trying to wrap things up (pun intended) before year end, attend holiday festivities, plan family meals, make travel[...]

New Tools to Retain and Motivate Talent

Check out the modern day communication toolkit. You’ll find new social media apps that make it easier, quicker and less costly to recognize your star performers, exceptional project teams and employees who consistently exceed customer[...]

Invisibility of High Deductible Health Plans

Based on the generally low participation levels in high deductible health plans (HDHPs), you might think the plans were invisible to employees. And in some respects, they are. Although employers describe the HDHP’s features, provide[...]

Broken Any HR Communication Laws Lately?

As HR professionals, we are diligent about legal compliance, but what about abiding by the laws of effective HR communications? A recent Regan HR Connection article highlights the 11 Laws of Internal Communications. Take a[...]

Who Are You Talking To?

You probably know a lot about your employees. The size of your workforce, their demographics, education level, experience and skills, even some of their favorite gripes or things they love about working at your company.[...]

Wellness Expands to the Financial Arena

Wellness programs have crossed the line from “nice to have” to “must have” as part of a competitive benefits package. And these programs are evolving. To date, most wellness offerings have focused exclusively on health,[...]

Onboard or Over Board?

Companies spend a lot of time, money and energy recruiting and hiring the right people. And, it’s getting harder and harder to actually find the right talent. So the stakes are high for getting your[...]

Good Health Just Is Not Enough

While most people would list good health as one of their top priorities in life, few behave that way. Case in point…a recent survey conducted by a major HR consulting firm showed the following results:[...]