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Engagement: the Tie that Binds Us

You hear the words “employee engagement” a lot these days. And for good reason. Employee loyalty is at an all-time low. Employers are worried about being able to hire—and retain—the talent they need. Wellness programs[...]

Benefits Outsourcing at Tipping Point for Midsized Organizations

Benefits outsourcing has reached a “tipping point” for midsized organizations. Several trends are converging to make outsourcing more attractive to and viable for this market sector, as described in the Benefits Quarterly article, A Midsized[...]

Met Life Annual Study of Employee Benefits Trends

Benefits Drive Employee Satisfaction, Loyalty Employee loyalty is at a seven-year low, according to MetLife’s 10th Annual Study of Benefits Trends, released last week. The study also reaffirms the strong connection between employee benefits satisfaction[...]

Open Enrollment with an Eye to the Future

Right now, most of us are focused on 2012 benefits enrollment—implementing benefit changes, preparing communications, scheduling employee meetings. This is all good. But you don’t want to forget some of the longer-term implications of the[...]